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Hi there👋
My name is Anne-Sofie.

I am a designer, artist, technologist and researcher who strongly believes in learning-by-doing and making in both hardware and software - from quick-and-dirty prototypes to fully finished artifacts. On a personal and academic level, I explore design, art and technology as tools for imagining the future world of humans (as well as non-humans 👽🌱).

I also harbour a deep fascination and knowledge of how to use design & technology to communicate creatively and design meaningful and exploratory experiences with technology and products. I thrive in ambiguity and fuzzy, exploratory project briefs, and I strengthen my creative practice with research to foster creative and novel encounters with technology.

To learn more about my background and experience, please find a downloadable copy of my CV: A.Belling's CV

Portfolio of Experiments

Please have a look at some of my previous work and projects under each section and drop me a line about what you think! 👀

Speculative Design & Soft Robotics

home viridis project

Project: Homo Viridis

Video documentation of the Homo Viridis research project exploring the hybrid entanglements of posthuman subjectivities by A. Belling and M. Bering

Homo Viridis (latin 'viridis': green, flourishing, vigorous) is an interactive soft robotic installation exploring how technology can be used to create new forms of humanity that closely interrelate with non-human beings and extends human subjectivity further than ever before. In this example, the human agent is connected through touch and sound with a Monstera Deliciosa plant.

Design Process & Prototyping

The 'Homo Viridis' design process involved developing and iterating a series of different soft robotic designs for wearable use.

We also developed a new way of designing and constructing soft robotics for wearable application as we were using a state-of-the-art soft robotic technique called 'texture morphing' that had not before been used to construct wearables.

homo viridis project images
Documentation of the design process showing experiments with soft robots and the texture morphing technique.

Conceptual Interactive Artifacts

HideOut Helmet project image

Project: HideOut Helmet

Video documentation showcasing the physical form and interaction for the HideOut Helmet.

The HideOut Helmet was part of the Make a Move design exhibition held at the IT University of Copenhagen and explored how movement can be a meaningful component in interaction in terms of interaction aesthetics.

The focus of the HideOut Helmet project was to challenge people's perception of personal space within public space environments by enhancing the expressiveness of bodily movement through the designed artifact.

Project: Heartware

HeartWare project images
The 'HeartWare' wearable prototype incorporated textile, fibre optics, wearable technology (Arduino LilyPad) and LEDs to explore the notion of a computational human anatomy.

The 'HeartWare' project started out as a material exploration into shapechanging textile and wearable technology but found its focus through exploring fibre optics as a medium for experimenting with human corporeality and anatomy. The 'HeartWare' wearable prototype was in its final form a computational composite consisting of textile, wearable technology (Arduino LilyPad), LEDs and fiber optics.

The project was shaped by open-ended design research into the qualities presented by the constellation of fiber optics, LEDs and wearable technology and how they could be used to explore a computational human anatomy.

Video documentation of an experimental session using LEDs and fibre optics to explore the representation of a computational human anatomy.

Articles & Publications


Bering, M., Belling, A., Beloff, L. and Jørgensen, J. (N.d) Soft Robotics and Posthuman Entities. [In Progress: Research Exposition in Research Catalogue] view article


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